Xbmc updating atv2

Otherwise, it’s pretty much the same as the cheaper model, which is a good thing.

Integrated Google Assistant, and an optional Smart Things adapter let it work as a control center for your smart devices, and an integrated Plex server means it can serve up your media content as well.

I’ve reviewed TVs, Blu-ray players, and home theater equipment since 2008.

Some streaming devices also offer exclusive features that typically aren’t built into TVs, such as Air Play or Google Cast, or the ability to play games or use apps.

But typically these are more “nice to have” than the major reason to get one.

If you want to play back local media directly from a USB hard drive or thumb drive, the Nvidia Shield is the one to get because it supports almost any file format and serves as a full Android TV streamer, which gives it access to a large and quickly growing selection of streaming apps.

It also supports 4K playback, including HDR, from most streaming services that offer it.With cable box rentals costing a month or more, a streaming device can pay for itself in just over a year.A streaming box can also give you easy access to the content you already own and play it on any TV in your house.If you have prior i Tunes purchases Apple will upgrade those to the 4K versions for free if available.For cord cutters, it supports all the streaming TV services and can integrate an OTA tuner quite easily.I’m also ISF-trained for evaluating image quality and am up-to-date on all the current and future HDR standards and what to look for while evaluating those on players.


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