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Together with the many colourful traditional rural houses dispersed over the island, these plantation complexes locally called landhuizen, put a distinctive mark on the cultural landscape of Curaao.

Curaao also boasts World Heritage, the Inner City and Harbour of Willemstad World Heritage City.

We know that De Soto's exploration took him through the coastal region of Alabama in 1540.

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The Public Market will still close early at 5pm on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, but the Net Loft will now be closing at 4pm on those days....

(A league in old nautical measure was three miles.) This seems to confirm the fact that the island lying to the west, Petit Bois, was at that time part of Massacre.

INTRODUCTION This booklet is a collation of material that I have collected over the twenty-one years that I have been a resident of Dauphin Island. Dauphin's earliest settlers were French followed by Spanish (Creole) with the Greeks' Irish-Scotch arriving later.

Shawn Williams Perloff Pres, DI Park & Beach Board Mr. DI Chamber of Commerce IN ADVERSITY WE THRIVE* compiled by Frances Young as posted on the Dauphin Island BBS, reprinted with permission *As Dauphin Island does not as yet have a motto, I feel these words show how the island has survived through many difficulties. In checking records, we often find names spelled differently or names have been changed entirely with immigrants taking on an "Americanized version" Although many of our early settlers in the state of Alabama came in through the Creek Indian Passport System (our U. passport system is fashioned after this), Dauphin Island is most unique in that most of our early settlers came in via port.

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By 1701, the natural harbor on the south side of the island was in constant use.

Sand Island and Pelican Island formed a crescent shaped harbor, large enough and deep enough to accomodate thirty vessels.

It was here that the ships were unloaded and their cargo put on shallow draft vessels to go upstream.

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