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] There are many ways to explore intimacy in a long distance relationship and the aforementioned suggestions may not be conventional or something up your alley, but there is always no harm in trying, unless of course, you have other sexy and hot things to do in mind.

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The best thing is not to tell it, and just send it out of nowhere. The winner gets to choose which sexual prize to wish for. You can send your sexy, dirty talk to your lover, or when you feel like it, some moaning sounds might also make this more interesting.

You can even add a bit of a thrill by sending a voice message describing what you want to do to your lover while the noise of other people are in the background. Sending sexy and intimate videos is a total game changer for a long distance relationship.

This will get interesting especially when the two of you start getting aroused. Sending teaser photos, such as random parts of your body that will not be recognizable or can be misleading will make your partner crave for more discernible photos.

Send a photo of your shoulder, the fold of your arm or any other body part, but make sure the photos you send look like teasers for your butt, your cleavage or any other body part. There are gaming applications that can be played by 2 players, such as scrabble or monopoly.

Be as racy and as detailed as you can be with this message. Send the first four words through a social media messaging platform such as Facebook or Twitter.

Then send the next four words through a chat application like Viber, Whatsapp or i Message.Here are some suggestions to make the distance disappear.#1 Social media messaging, chat applications, and a whole lot of libido.You can even add in a memento from a restaurant that you just visited or a postcard from a recent country that you went to.Even calling during his or her work time is also a gesture that will definitely spice things up for the two of you in spite of the distance.So if you’re in a relationship with someone who’s far away, you’d be doing your relationship a favor by trying out some sexy games.


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