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(Although it took much longer for Miami's equipment guys to figure out how to fit R-o-e-t-h-l-i-s-b-e-r-g-e-r on the back of his jersey. I was the one who ended up snapping." Ben didn't snap at the draft when the Giants passed him over. Which still beats former Ohio State coach John Cooper, who never quite got his name right. " Besides the quick feet and cannon arm, Roethlisberger's roommate, Mike Larkin, was among the first to experience that preternatural poise. I would have chop-blocked my buddy on the way to the door. I was sold.) Like the rest of us, Larkin wanted to see Ben flat-out lose it -- just once. He didn't snap when his first throw as a pro was picked off. Natalie Gulbis and Josh Rodamel recently tied the knot in California on December 23, 2013.

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This is where he first picked up his unique swagger: oozing confidence without it spilling over into cockiness.

(It's an art, really, and Mike Vick is the only QB I've seen who is better at it.) As a sophomore point guard at Findlay High, Ben used to engage the refs in conversation before the start of the third quarter.

OK, I thought: Forget the 99.4 passer rating, the Big Ben ring tones and the grotesque Roethlis-burgers -- this has to be the moment. "This 'Ben Mania' stuff has all been a bit surreal," Brenda said that day. Look around the Roethlisbergers' modest ranch home south of town. He once set up a zip line from a tree to the front porch. (They were 7-1 when I was there.) "I think my success does have a lot to do with where I grew up, my family and how I was raised," says Ben.

"We're still pinching ourselves; but it's also been hard to adjust so quickly to all this, hard to learn how to share Ben with everyone. " Findlay is a classic Midwestern town 45 miles south of Toledo, where you can still see old Mail Pouch tobacco ads on the side of the town's brick buildings. There's a chocolate Lab scratching at the back door. "I mean, if I could be half the man my dad (Ken) is, I'd be extremely happy.

You know, as parents, we always told Ben to start from the bottom, work hard, scrimp and save and, some day, you'll land a good job and have a meaningful life. He's taught me so much about football, about life, religion, family, love, everything. He's the coolest, calmest, most collected guy I know.

Whatever I am, I hope it's a tribute to him." Ken was a quarterback at Georgia Tech who switched to baseball after a knee injury.

Maybe it was when Dan Marino said the kid reminds him of ... Or the realization that at 22, Ben should be heading to Florida for his senior year spring break instead of trying to get the Steelers to Jacksonville for Super Bowl XXXIX.

Or, maybe, it was when the normally steel-chinned coach Bill Cowher gushed about the kid after his comeback win in Jacksonville on Dec. After that game, I was standing near the team bus next to a fan holding a "WE'LL BE BACK" sign, watching as Jerome Bettis introduced Ben to some family members in a gesture that seemed an awful lot like a passing of the torch.

Although Natalie Gulbis has historically been linked with several other high-profile athletes, including NFL quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and PGA Tour player Dustin Johnson, her relationship with Josh Rodamel has mysteriously been kept under wraps.

This is especially surprising because Josh Rodamle is famous for two things: being a former Yale quarterback and a former co-owner of the Power Balance bracelet.

The Red Hawks went on to win their next 13 games in a row, and finished 10th in the final AP poll. until I uncovered this anecdote from a teammate at Miami: He was hanging out with Ben in Houston at last year's Super Bowl when they discovered that Ben had a ticket to the Playboy party and he didn't. Yes, the Steelers have the perfect system in place for a rookie quarterback -- a dominant defense, a classy, supportive veteran backup QB (for which Tommy Maddox doesn't get nearly enough credit) and a freakishly-lopsided run/pass ratio on offense.


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